Opening Doors, Becoming Worthy

12 Feb Opening Doors, Becoming Worthy

Sometimes the only person standing in your way for success is yourself. Do you have the audacity to move our of your way?

To get past the gatekeepers and through the doors of barriers, Aaron has some steps to consider as you advance confidently in your dreams.

As a part of Laughlin Assoc International with Mossimo Penco in Rome, Aaron ate at a restaurant and park up against an ancient Roman wall. They tried to open the old door, which was locked. Like  a speakeasy from Prohibition, they finally got in.

Aaron describes in vivid detail the scene of the restaurant where he ate an amazing meal at the same time as the Prince of Jordan and entourage that evening. Sometimes it has nothing to do with how much money you have, but who you know.

That’s one way to get through the door. Another way is during the most unexpected of times. In Pocatello, Idaho of 1986 Aaron met his wife for the first time face to face while she’s experiencing an allergy attack. He needed to achieve something, knocked on a door, and presented his need. Fortunately there was a great person on the other end that was able to help and she received medication

“The difference between a successful and a great artist is audacity.” -Pablo Picasso. You’re never going to rise up without forming relationships and audacity.

Sometimes you need to be bold enough to deserve this opportunity to be heard.

“Keep looking up, and I’ll keep looking out.”  –Aaron Young

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Have a clear goal. You’ve got to be able to clearly articulate your vision/goal. If you want to be taken seriously, first thing you do is write it out and be ready. Lack of preparation will ooze out of you just as readily as confidence will.

Believe it’s true. Your subconscious does not know the difference between conscience and reality. You’ve got to do the work and get yourself ready, which then gets you into that worthiness phase. Believe your beliefs and doubt your doubts. Show gratitude.

Then start over.



I couldn’t find the quote that Aaron mentioned above on audacity, thinking it came from Picasso, but I have found The Ultimate List of Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs and 100 Best Success Quotes.


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