Mentors Make Magic

14 May Mentors Make Magic

Think of the person that has inspired you in something to go beyond what you thought possible.

Mentors, especially the really good ones, bring out our inner strength as they guide us to achieve our own limitless potential. Every successful person has a mentor behind them cheering them on and leading the way towards abundance.



When we are able to learn lessons from others, our mentor provides us an example to aspire to, showing us that our dreams ARE possible and we can do it!

what is a teacher

“Keep looking up, and I’ll keep looking out.” –Aaron Young

Welcome to The Lookout Society Podcast, where Aaron shares a story from his life, then connects it with a business principle to pass on. This is his way of helping others that are also going down an entrepreneurship path as contributing members to society. As an added bonus, Aaron sometimes shares wonderful gems of Oregonian knowledge from his home state and weaves the passion he has for the community he lives in as an invitation for others to visit the Pacific Northwest.

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Everybody needs a mentor, and they need to be higher up on the mountain than you are. The greatest gift you can give to others is to become a mentor yourself. How can you help the next generation? How can you be a leader and a teacher? Admit who you are as you move beyond your inadequacies by searching out a mentor to help you become the person of abundance that you always wanted to be.




A quick Google search brought up a whole list of mentorship programs, but I’m sure that many mentors have been found from the great neighbor next door to the inspiring teacher in the classroom, meaning that most mentors can’t be sought after from afar; they’re usually found closer to home.


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A life-long learner and unashamed history nerd, Natalie is a certified teacher in secondary education history and English turned stay at home mom. She is the mother of four energetic children all two years apart from 8 to 2 and recently celebrated her 11th wedding anniversary with the only boyfriend she ever had. After the kiddies are put to bed, she writes show notes as she continues to ignite her passion for writing and editing, fact checking and learning to make the world wide web a more educated place. When we learn that more gets accomplished when we replace “can’t” with “can” so many possibilities are opened to us. In the words of Rosie the Riveter, “We can do it!”