29 Jan Going behind the scenes in museums and restaurants is not what you would expect

[powerpress] Have you ever been behind the scenes of something that appeared so perfect and fluent only to discover that a lot of chaos occurs behind or below the scenes to make that appearance flow? Such was the case for Aaron while visiting the underbelly of a famous museum in London and a gourmet kitchen of a world-renowned chef right near his home.
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20 Jan When life gives you lemons take a huge bite!

[powerpress] Have you ever eaten a lemon, expecting it to be the typical tart and instead bite into something sweet? For Aaron, it was an explosion to the brain that by taking a lemon from a tree he would have an experience like that while traveling throughout Southern Spain. How many times is something presented in our life that makes us uncomfortable because it is the unknown? What happens when you are willing to venture outside of your comfort zone? Well, that's entirely up to the individual.
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