The Lookout Society

20 Jan When life gives you lemons take a huge bite!

[powerpress] Have you ever eaten a lemon, expecting it to be the typical tart and instead bite into something sweet? For Aaron, it was an explosion to the brain that by taking a lemon from a tree he would have an experience like that while traveling throughout Southern Spain. How many times is something presented in our life that makes us uncomfortable because it is the unknown? What happens when you are willing to venture outside of your comfort zone? Well, that's entirely up to the individual.
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12 Jan Hugh Stewart and the Misfit Mastermind

[powerpress] One of the most important things you can do is surround yourself with great people that make you better. For Aaron, it was the men and women who are very accomplished that he surrounded himself with that made him a better person through example. What would happen if we got together regularly to solve problems and come up with more ideas?
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08 Jan Receiving medical advice from a dank basement

[powerpress] Aaron starts today's podcast out by sharing an inspiring story of a young man fresh from graduate school that went to work for a technology company in the mid-90s. William Kelly got this idea to use the new world wide web as a means to help people learn more about one's medical problems, and a popular health site was created.
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