Striking a Bargain With Life

26 May Striking a Bargain With Life

Something that many of us struggle with is being willing to embark on ambition when we feel like the stage we are in life prevents us from reaping the full benefit of a goal.

Aaron sets the record straight pretty quick that no matter what age, we have potential for greatness. Success doesn’t have an age limit yet it’s a universal challenge for us to believe. Why is that?


go confidently

Once we are able to get past our limitations within our mind and stop using the excuse that our time has past, we are able to take on any new challenge that is presented to us. Whether we’re 21 or 81, there are always new challenges to be faced.



“Keep looking up, and I’ll keep looking out.” –Aaron Young

Welcome to The Lookout Society Podcast, where Aaron shares a story from his life, then connects it with a business principle to pass on. This is his way of helping others that are also going down an entrepreneurship path as contributing members to society. As an added bonus, Aaron sometimes shares wonderful gems of Oregonian knowledge from his home state and weaves the passion he has for the community he lives in as an invitation for others to visit the Pacific Northwest.

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What are you doing to advance confidently towards your dreams? The reality is that we have to make a choice, where we decide to shoot for the moon and aim for the stars to make a big impact. You have a choice to bargain with life. What is your letter of intent and decision in life that will affect you today?Whatever wage you ask of life, life will willingly pay if you’re willing to do the work.




There is no limit to our ability to accomplish great things, as evident in these amazing women:

I discovered Les Brown on my own right around the time I began writing show notes for Aaron, and came upon his motivational address, “It’s Possible” when looking up positive videos. It really got me over a hump of self-doubt and emptiness, renewing me towards another incredible journey. And then a few months later Aaron sends me a picture of himself next to Les Brown. Les Brown and Aaron Young are friends! I don’t believe in coincidences, yet am still so blown away with divine guidance for my own life purpose.


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A life-long learner and unashamed history nerd, Natalie is a certified teacher in secondary education history and English turned stay at home mom. She is the mother of four energetic children all two years apart from 8 to 2 and recently celebrated her 11th wedding anniversary with the only boyfriend she ever had. After the kiddies are put to bed, she writes show notes as she continues to ignite her passion for writing and editing, fact checking and learning to make the world wide web a more educated place. When we learn that more gets accomplished when we replace “can’t” with “can” so many possibilities are opened to us. In the words of Rosie the Riveter, “We can do it!”